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Hantec is a newcomer to this list and we’ve considered it as one of the best brokers worldwide. Although spreads are far from awesome, you’ll benefit from close support and dedicated team.

Hantec Markets is a UK-based forex broker that’s been widely regarded as being a market leader for more than two decades.

It’s regulated by some of the strictest regulators on the planet, including the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority, and the platform offers a wide variety of forex currency pairs and CFDs.

There are also a few commodities available, which I’ll talk about later in this comprehensive Hantec Markets review.

The purpose of this review is to give you an in-depth, impartial and fair overview of what Hantec Markets has to offer.

I’ll be giving my expert opinion on a number of aspects of the site, including their investment options, deposit and withdrawal methods, customer support facilities, and commissions and fees.

Let’s start things off with a closer look at who Hantec Markets actually are.

Forex reviews author Hantec Markets review was last updated in May 2020. Author – Jonathan Mann.

About Hantec Markets

Hantec Markets was first established way back in 1990 when its Hong Kong-based parent company Hantec Pacific Limited (HPL) had a reorganization.

The broker saw rapid success, and soon emerged into the Australian and British markets.

Today, the broker accepts clients from all over the world, and they’re well-known for being one of the most reputable and trustworthy trading platforms online.

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Opening an Account

I was a little surprised to find that Hantec Markets offers just one type of account – the Standard Account – and this comes with quite a high minimum deposit.

I’ll talk more about that later in this Hantec Markets review. Their Standard Account is classified as both an STP and ECN account.

In order to open your account, you’ll need to complete a fairly short account creation process.

You will need to input your personal details, including your name, address, date of birth, phone number and email address, and you’ll also be asked a few questions about your trading experience.

Australian will also need to undergo a quick test, which is a regulatory requirement.

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How Long Does the Account Creation Process Take?

Creating an account at Hantec Markets is incredibly easy and very fast.

It takes just 5 minutes to open your account, although you should be aware that identity verification can often take a couple of days.

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What’s the Minimum Deposit?

I find the minimum deposit at Hantec Markets to be fair.

The Standard Account, which will be used by the majority of traders, can be operated with just $50.

While this is slightly higher than some other platforms, it still ensures that most traders will be able to easily open an account with Hantec Markets.

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Identity and Verification

Clients from the vast majority of countries will need to undergo stringent identification verification.

This is to adhere with regulatory requirements. You will need to prove your name and address.

Acceptable documents include passports and driving Licenses, as well as utility bills and tax bills for proof of address.

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Can Hantec Markets Be Trusted?

Hantec Markets is licensed all over the world and operates under some of the world’s strictest regulators.

For example, in the UK they’re regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

They’re known for being one of the world’s most reputable regulators and they impose a great deal of restrictions on online trading platforms, ensuring that client funds are protected at all times.

Hantec Markets also operate in a number of other global markets, including Australia and China.

In China, they’re licenced by the Chinese Gold and Silver Exchange Society.

The company is regulated by the JFSA in Japan. Australian regulation is covered by the ASIC.

I should point out that the fact that Hantec Markets hold a license from the UK’s FCA allows them to operate throughout most of Europe without needing separate regulatory approval from other countries.

However, it’s unclear how this will change as the UK moves through the process of leaving the European Union.

I don’t have any qualms about recommending Hantec Markets to those looking for a high-quality and trustworthy online trading experience.

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Research and Assistance

All clients at Hantec Markets benefit from instant access to a wide variety of educational tools and resources.

I found that their educational resource section isn’t anywhere near as vast as many of the other trading platforms I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing, but there are sufficient resources for those looking to learn more about trading forex online.

However, I feel that with Hantec Markets having such a high minimum deposit, it’s quite unlikely that new traders will need to use the educational tools.

However, I still wanted to take a look at what was on offer.

There’s quite a large selection of eBooks available, and these are designed for beginner, intermediate and advanced traders.

They also publish something called their Weekly Market Expert report, which gives a professional look at the market’s current state and where the various markets may be headed in the future.

Hantec Markets also put on occasional webinars.

These are filmed all over the world, and they get in experts from all corners of the globe to talk about forex trading.

Occasionally, they’ll also cover CFD trading, although from my experience this is a lot less common than their forex training.

They also maintain quite a heavy YouTube presence, and their channel is updated with videos now and then which aim to further your knowledge of trading.

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Demo Accounts

All clients are able to open a MetaTrader4 demo account at Hantec Markets, although I should point out that you’re only able to keep your demo account open for 30 days.

This is pretty poor in my opinion, as it doesn’t really give you enough time to test out the site’s facilities. What’s more, trading isn’t something that can be learned quickly.

If you’re a new trader, you need to spend time learning how to trade and a month isn’t really enough time to do this.

Still, I’m pleased they offer a demo account, but wish they offered a demo account without time limits.

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Desktop Experience

Hantec Markets offers a wide variety of trading platforms for you to take advantage of, and below I’m going to do my best to summarize the different types of platforms you’ll find yourself able to use when joining the site.

Please note that I strongly recommend you use MetaTrader4, particularly if you’re new to trading.

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MetaTrader4 is one of the most popular trading platforms on the planet and for good reason.

It also happens to be the most popular trading platform available at Hantec Markets, and it’s available for desktop and mobile devices.

MetaTrader4 comes packed with a number of different features and I really like the fact that it’s so customizable.

For example, as a user you’re able to drag and drop various tabs to suit your personal trading needs.

You can also import and export various indicators and historical data, giving you a full overview of your trading history.

What’s more, you can also put together advanced trading strategies at the press of a button, while managing a large portfolio with nothing more than a few clicks.

One of the reasons I like MetaTrader4 so much is that it’s incredibly fast.

It’s well-known for its low latency; this means you won’t experience any lag before actually making trades.

You’ll find MetaTrader4 to be one of fastest methods of making trades online, and I don’t say that lightly.

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Currenex isn’t one of the most well-known trading platforms, although it offers some relatively good features and is actually quite well-suited to newer traders.

One of its biggest assets, in my opinion, is the fact that you’re able to view a rich, comprehensive breakdown of currency rates, all of which are updated in real time.

There’s also a fully integrated news feed which updates every couple of minutes.

This lets you view what’s going on in the world at any given moment – a crucial factor if you’re making large-scale trades based on economic events.

Currenex also uses state-of-the-art technology to allow for the maximum possible liquidity, and they’re known for providing some of the best prices with low commissions.

I should also point out that a number of large-scale commercial financial traders use Currenex for their trading, so it’s clear it’s a trading platform you can rely on.

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Currenex Viking

Currenex Viking is pretty similar to Currenex, and it’s developed by the same company.

However, it’s designed more for recreational traders who don’t trade as much volume. For example, the trade volume available is as low as 10,000.

The trading platform is designed in a way to make trading as simple and hassle free as possible, and you still get all the rich, real-time currency rates and news feeds but with a few less advanced features.

This makes it an ideal choice for new, inexperienced traders.

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MAM is Hantec Market’s proprietary software, although it essentially just combines MetaTrader4 and Currenex trading platforms together.

It allows you to manage portfolios on both these trading platforms from one central user-interface, which is very useful if you’re looking to place trades on both platforms at the same time.

I would only really recommend using MAM when you’re a fairly competent trader, as it can be a bit complex at first, and it can take a bit of getting used to.

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Mobile Experience

Hantec Markets don’t have their own dedicated mobile app – but that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to make trades from your mobile devices.

This is because they offer the hugely popular MetaTrader4 mobile app, which is one of the industry’s leading mobile trading platforms.

You’ll find the app available for free on most iOS and Android devices, and once installed you need to log in using your existing Hantec Markets account details.

Unfortunately, despite Currenex having their own mobile app, it’s not currently supported with Hantec Markets.

This means you’ll only be able to use the MetaTrader4 trading platform, even if you prefer using Currenex from your desktop computer or laptop.

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Investment Options

Hantec Markets don’t offer the biggest selection of investment options on the planet, but what they do offer is generally sufficient for the vast majority of traders.

Forex is their biggest asset, and you’ll find a total of 42 currency pairs. This includes major, minor and exotic pairs.

Hantec Markets also offer a small number of CFDs, but you’ll only find 38 in total.

I don’t feel this is good enough, given the competitive nature of most trading platforms online today, and if you’re looking to trade CFDs, I recommend you choose a different trading platform.

I was also disappointed to find that Hantec Markets don’t yet offer any cryptocurrency trading options.

This is pretty rare in today’s day and age, as virtually all online trading platforms now offer at least Bitcoin and Ethereum options.

Hantec Markets definitely seem to be a bit behind when it comes to their investment options, and despite the age of their company and their great reputation, I do find it strange they don’t offer a larger selection of assets for you to choose from.

However, I should point out that they do offer social/copy trading, but this is a very specific type of trading that only a small majority of traders will be looking for.

Keep this in mind before joining Hantec Markets.

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Commissions and Fees

Hantec Markets only offer one type of account, called the Standard Account.

There are relatively few extra fees tagged on to Hantec Markets accounts.

The only real charge to mention is the inactivity fee, which is standard across the industry.

Do consider that while Hantec Markets should not charge any deposit fees, deposits above 10.000$ will pay a deposit fee.

Similarly, if you make a deposit and do not make any trades before withdrawing your money, you will be charged a fee.

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Deposits & Withdrawals

Hantec Markets don’t offer the largest selection of payment methods.

I was surprised to see that their offering is quite a lot smaller than most of the online trading platforms I review these days, but this is actually quite common for the larger, more well-respected online brokers.

Of course, you’ll find yourself able to make deposits and withdrawals using most major debit and credit cards.

This includes the likes of VISA, MasterCard and Maestro.

You can also opt to make deposits using a wire transfer (known in parts of Europe as a bank transfer).

I was pleased to find that Hantec Markets also offer a couple of EWallets to choose from.

These are Neteller and Skrill. Both companies are industry leaders in the EWallet niche and are trusted by millions around the world.

Please be aware that you will have to pay fees when depositing at this site.

Those depositing using credit/debit card and Skrill will be charged a 2.2% fee, while those depositing using Neteller will incur a 3.2% fee.

When it comes to withdrawals, unfortunately you’ll find Hantec Markets don’t operate the fastest withdrawal process.

You can generally expect your withdrawals to be processed in between two and five working days, and I feel this is way too slow in today’s day and age.

Fees for withdrawals are also often charged, and these vary depending on the withdrawal option you choose to use.

Withdrawals made using debit and credit cards can take up to 5 working days to reach your account.

This is on top of the time that it takes Hantec Markets to actually process your withdrawal.

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Customer Support

I think it’s fair to say that Hantec Markets don’t offer the best customer support facilities in the world, but they’re generally sufficient.

The easiest way of getting in touch with a member of the customer support team is to use the live chat facility.

However, from my experience, the live chat option is a little bit clunky and I feel it’s not quite as versatile as it could be.

I almost always recommend clients use live chat where available, but in this case, I’d actually recommend you give them a call instead.

Their phone support is a lot better than live chat, in my opinion.

You don’t need to worry about disconnections, and from my experience the customer support team agents are very knowledgeable and friendly.

You can also choose to email the customer support team if you prefer.

However, the waiting times to receive an email back can be quite long, and I found myself waiting more than 48 hours to receive a response.

I should point out, however, that while the customer support facilities aren’t as great as they could be, Hantec Market’s team are good at what they do.

It can just be a bit frustrating trying to get hold of them in the first place, which is why I highly recommend giving them a call on their toll-free number.

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If you’re looking to trade on the MetaTrader4 or Currenex trading platforms, then Hantec Markets is a relatively good online broker for you to choose.

The site has an incredibly strong reputation, and has proven itself to be trustworthy, reliable and honest.

However, there are some major disadvantages to using the online broker, with the biggest being the lack of investment options they have available.

If you’re looking for a wide variety of CFDs then you’ll probably want to look elsewhere.

Hantec Markets simply don’t offer enough to make it worthwhile joining.

Their $1,000 minimum deposit is also incredibly high and will be more than the vast majority of new traders will want to invest.

However, for the more experienced traders, it’s a decent option, and you shouldn’t run into any problems if you choose to join their site.

7.5Expert Score
Hantec Markets Review
Hantec Markets is a reliable forex broker Any broker reviewed by us is by definition one of the best forex brokers in the world. Hantec Markets is a solid broker with strong business worldwide but especially in Asia.
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Customer Support
  • Good trading tools
  • Diversity of forex and CFD instruments
  • Reliable forex broker
  • Good for Pros
  • Good for beginners
  • Customer Support could be improved
  • Spreads could be lower
  • MT5 is missing

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